Piece of Mind - Unfulfilled LP

$8.00 - $14.00
Piece of Mind - Unfulfilled LP

Tulsa, Oklahoma's PIECE OF MIND follow up their "Trilogy" 12" collection and split 7" with MIRACLE DRUG from 2019 with their E.P. entitled "Unfulfilled".
The 6 songs featured on this E.P. sees PIECE OF MIND displaying some of the abrasive yet complex 90's style hardcore they've become known for. Pounding out songs that would've made them an instant fit on 90's bills with Buried Alive, Turmoil or even Integrity.
Piece of Mind does explore some new ground on this E.P. tapping into a style that bridges 90's hardcore and a more upbeat post hardcore style, best shown on the opening track of side 2 "Mercy Killer", a darker take on their signature sound.
This long awaited E.P. delivers what you'd expect from PIECE OF MIND while adding a few new twists that keep them from treading over the same old ground.