X. Kubrick - Everything Went Dark CD

X. Kubrick - Everything Went Dark CD

Multi faceted artist Xavier Wilson has released his second hip hop album "Everything Went Dark" following up first record "The Seven Levels of Happiness" He also has roots in Delaware’s hardcore scene, playing guitar for Simulakra, Gridiron, and Vicious Embrace.

His design work has also graced album covers for Rain of Salvation, Constrict, and a split release by Dying Wish and Serration.

The entire release was written, produced, recorded, and had its artwork designed by himself. Now streaming everywhere!

9 tracks

1. The Human Condition
2. Watch Yourself
3. Like Father Like Son
4. Dead or Alive
5. Slither
6. Amerikkkan Nightmare
7. Quit Running (Interlude)
8. Setting Sun
9. In Cold Blood