Sect - Blood of the Beasts 8 track

Sect - Blood of the Beasts 8 track

We have teamed up with our favorite XVX supergroup to release their stellar third (and newest) album, Blood of the Beasts, on 8 track. These are playable works of art. Fully restored vintage 8 tracks, new tape, custom printed and assembled art and boxes, and duplicated with restored 8 track recorders. These are legit and sanctioned by the band and Southern Lord. Check out our IG to hear the 8 tracks in action.

“Blood of the Beasts” is ten reflections on the myth of progress, the new old tribalism, the single face of all subjugations, the broken promise of automation, love, loss & obsolescence set against the dying light of a better tomorrow.
Vegan straight edge outfit SECT unites vocalist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead), guitarists James Chang (Catharsis, Undying) and Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance), bassist Steve Hart (Day Of Suffering), and drummer Andy Hurley (Racetraitor, The Damned Things). The result is a caustic, riotous, belligerent style of vile hardcore fed by a boundless well of socio-political vitriol. Blood of Beasts was recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

1. Like Animals
2. You Too Will Scatter
3. Wait
4. Domestic
5. Terminus
6. Redundant Gods
7. Broken & Untenable
8. The Blankest Cheque
9. Cirrhosis of Youth
10. Skies Wide Shut
Pressing Information

Dark Grey 25
Red 33
White 40