Vegan Justice - S/T 7" PREORDER**

$8.00 - $30.00
Vegan Justice - S/T 7"  PREORDER**

**This is a preorder technically but it won't be a long one. We have the vinyl in hand we are just waiting on our print shop to open back up from the holidays so we can get the covers printed***

Unapologetic and militant 90s style Metalcore. Vegan Justice.
FFO: xRepentancex, Earth Crisis, Day of Suffering

Split label release with Ugly and Proud and BBMA in Europe. European orders please order from one of our Euro partner labels!

US exclusive red vinyl with red logo on cover. Limited to 100 7"s.

There are just a couple very limited bundles with all colors. Only chance to grab Euro colors without having to pay international shipping.