DShK - Power for Them, Pennies for You... Cassette

DShK - Power for Them, Pennies for You... Cassette

First EP from Asheville's DShK. Fast, heavy crust with members of Autarch and Kakistocracy. 5 songs.

Recorded in late 2020 in the depths of the COVID-19 crisis. Many of the lyrics directly deal with the half-assed, spineless, tourism-industry-coddling response of our local government to COVID-19 and the uprising against anti-black police violence. Fuck every politician who put on an empathetic face and lied to their fellow humans while groveling at the feet of big tourism's masters and their killer cop cronies. Forever fuck 12 and fuck the peace police and pearl-clutchers too who helped stifle the movement and redirect it to dead-end electoral politics.

Proceeds from tape sales and all download donations will be donated to Asheville Survival Program, a mutual aid project in Asheville working to support our bipoc and unhoused neighbors.